Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mosque Under Construction

I visit my local mosque 2 days per week alhamduillah. Now this mosque has been majority built by the funds of local residents. So its a very basic and slow progressing mosque. Inside its a shell really no tiles just raw cemented floors. Its very basic and simple mashallah yet it thrives with classes and worshipers mashaAllah. when i arrive on mondays the volunteers are there before me and they are cleaning and mopping the areas after the weekend. Often there is a cloud of cement dust that is lingering in the air upon arrival i see most women coughing but noone complains , they just sit down and get on with the class while i sit there feeling this is not healthy, this is not right , such old women and young with conditions of asmaha and algeries should not have to be subjected to this. Often the floor is cold and i myself suffer with back pain from sitting on it for long pierods , than i look at my fellow students elderly women, who have much poorer health than me but they never complain. Subhan Allah when i think back to the air conditioned mosques of the UK , carpeted , central heated, chairs avalible masha Allah. Made me think do we really utilize oppurtunities when thet arise properly, like most we take it for granted , when i could have learnt i didn't now when i want to learn the environment is bad for my health.
mosque under construction
what am i trying to say ? cease the oppurtunity?


Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Masha Allah, quaint little masjid!

Is the environment always that way, or just due to construction?

Also, it may help to bring a pillow to sit on.

How wonderful that all the women come and take advantage of the learning.

But you must do what is best for your health.

Mina said...

Salam sis

Diggin ur blog...

I wanted 2 ask u a question, i luv ur background picture, I've tried everything 2 upload my own image it juz isnt working 4 me
how do u upload an image 2 ur page

any help wud be much appreciated ukti

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

aslamu alakum mina i left a comment on your blog sis i do hope it helps.

saffiyah thanks for the comments i am sure i read a long time ago that sitting on cusions in mosques is not recommened but Allah knows best. I just hope they have enough money to tile the floor the cement is so intoxicationg.

Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace